Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Academic Achievement • Access • Accountability • Student & Teacher Support • Fair Funding

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has voted to bring billions of dollars in federal education funding back to Texas. While she supports initiatives to ensure that schools are held accountable for ensuring that students learn, Jackson Lee has coupled this with fighting for increased resources for high needs school systems. She is a pro-education member and has voted on policies that will ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and achieve.

In 2009, Jackson Lee voted for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which brought over $2.1 billion in federal education funding to public schools across Texas. These funds supported teacher quality, reading programs, preschool, special education reducing the drop-out rate and more. In addition, the economic stimulus package allowed Houston school districts to keep operating critical programs for students and minimized staff layoffs.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee secured a $1 million grant for after-school programs in Houston schools.

Other grants in 2009 include Teacher Training at the University of Houston ($400,000) and Archive Preservation at the Robert Terry Library and Mickey Leland Center at TSU ($300,000).

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee joined parents, teachers and staff when employees fell ill at Key Middle School. The Congresswoman brought in state and local health agencies that discovered mold in the school. Students and employees were re-located while the school was cleaned.

The Congresswoman helped the TSU Lab School obtain the resources needed to acquire high-tech instructional equipment that will prepare students to lead productive lives in the dynamic global economy.

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