Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Opportunity • Training • Economic Engines • Small Businesses • New Economy • Support

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has stood firm to protect and promote the economic engines of the Houston community. Whether it is Houston’s energy industry, NASA, the Port, Houston Medical Center or Universities, Jackson Lee has ensured that these industries received federal resources and benefitted from policies to promote sustainability and economic opportunity for District 18.

wrCongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held the first federal job fair in Houston at Palm Center July 25, 2009, that attracted over 3,500 citizens to meet with local, state and federal agencies about jobs. A second job fair at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Sept. 19, 2009, where more than 4,500 people showed up to meet with potential employers.

The Congresswoman fought for Houston’s and Texas’ fair share of the federal stimulus bill, bringing nearly $6 billion and 269,000 jobs to our community and our state. In addition, Jackson Lee has worked to extend unemployment benefits, job training and mortgage assistance programs for her constituents who are still waiting for the economic recovery to reach them. Through the bail-out for Wall Street, Congresswoman Jackson Lee has remained vocal on the need to also support Main Street.

In August of 2002, Congresswoman Jackson Lee held two job fairs in Houston in conjunction with the Transportation Security Administration to fill newly-created positions within the TSA.