Energy & Science-based Economy

Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Innovation • Research • Industry • Improved Science Education • Environment

GHPCongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee in 2009 helped secure a $15 million dollar grant for the Houston Ship Channel and $500,000 for the Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels.

In the alternative energy field, the Congresswoman helped win local grants for the National Offshore Wind Energy Center ($1 million) and high Efficiency Solar Energy Generation and Storage ($1 million).

The Congresswoman worked with the authors of the Comprehensive America Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act to include provisions that would ensure that small, minority and women-owned businesses are encouraged and have equal opportunity to bid for offshore leases and that a new National Center of Excellence to conduct research and education in energy and energy-related fields include Historically Black Colleges, Hispanic-Serving Institutions and Tribally-based Universities and Colleges.

In the Energy Bill now emerging from conference, two major amendments Congresswoman Jackson Lee proposed are being included. One earmarks $5 million per year for grants to fund bioenergy research at HBCUs, Tribal Colleges, and Hispanic-Serving Institutions. The other establishes a secondary electric vehicle battery use program. This will enable us to get more use out of expensive electric vehicle batteries by reusing them for off-peak power storage, or emergency power supplies.