Health Care

Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Access • Affordability • Quality • Community-based • Preventative Care • Universal

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has long stood for open and affordable healthcare for all Americans. She has fought to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and to protect Medicare and Medicaid benefits. In Houston, she works closely with the medical community including the Medical Center to ensure that the critical health care needs of her constituents are addressed. Jackson Lee has been vocal about the need for universal access to healthcare in low-income communities. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that these communities are not denied preventative care and other health services.

stethoscopeCongressman Jackson Lee in 2009 brought grants to healthcare facilities in her district, including Riverside General Hospital ($1 million), facilities and equipment for the Harris County Hospital District ($300,000), a Minority Cancer Control Program at the University of Texas ($500,000) and the Prostate Cancer Outreach Project at the Center for Research on Minority Health ($1 million). These resources will enhance the medical services available to her constituents in the 18th District.