Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Service • Patriotism • Peace • Welcoming Troops Home • Supporting Military Families

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has stood strong with all veterans from every military conflict in which the United States has engaged. She has supported legislation that honors their service and provides the benefits they need to have a high quality of life after their military service has ended. Jackson Lee in 2009 voted to expand the GI Bill (post 9/11) to provide enhanced education benefits to military veterans. The Congresswoman has been active in working with the Houston Veteran’s Administration Hospital and other military hospitals to ensure wounded veterans receive adequate health care. Lastly, the Congresswoman has been a voice for military families as they support veterans for it is determination that America should never forget their service and sacrifice.

During the 106th Congress, Congresswoman Jackson Lee successfully spearheaded the passage of House Joint Resolution 98, a bill that she co-authored with Senator Ted Kennedy, which honors all minority veterans who fought or served in World War II.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has been able to have included in appropriations bills almost $7 million for a number of specific programs that will benefit the Houston community, including a post-traumatic stress disorder facility to treat veterans in the metropolitan Houston area, including Harris and surrounding counties.