International Affairs

“…And we (are) here today to insist that the promises be kept on AIDS, but more importantly the promises be kept to the world family who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.“ -Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

Serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congresswoman Jackson Lee represents her diverse international constituency and works to ensure that the United States strengthens its relationships with the international community to promote economic development, peace and human rights. More specifically, she sits on the Africa and Global Health sub-committee to promote economic development and fight preventable diseases. She also serves on the Middle East and South Asia subcommittee where they are working to enhance safety and security as well as create opportunity for all.

salCongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has met with the leaders of many nations, including Pakistan, the Philippines, Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Somalia. She has taken particular interest in the plight of refugees in many countries and has worked to help support them.

After attending the the 6th Annual Forum for Democracy, Development and Free Trade in Doha, Qatar, a meeting of 560 leaders from 78 countries around the world, she saw how communication could build bridges. The success of the Doha Forum is evidence that we must recognize that the forces of globalization are at work and that international dialogue is crucial to providing real solutions to the complex problems facing our world today.