Children’s Issues

Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Educational Opportunity * Safety * Access to Health Care * Stronger Families *

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee co-founded and chairs the Congressional Children’s Caucus. It is her fundamental belief that every vote she makes will create a better or worse future for America’s children. It is her goal to work her colleagues and constituents to create the future that America’s children deserve.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee advocates on behalf of children to ensure their voice is heard. Whether it is ensuring the safety of their school environment like at Houston’s Key Middle School or monitoring schools in Iraq, Jackson Lee believes children should feel secure at school. In every policy debate and legislation she writes, Congresswoman Jackson Lee asks “what about the children?”

Congresswoman Jackson Lee authored critical amendments to the School Safety Enhancement Act. The amendments require that schools create a hotline so that students can report hazardous chemicals or conditions and terrorist attacks, set up a Safety Task force and provides that the school should have an action plan in place to respond to hazardous condition and chemicals.

The Congresswoman has collaborated with the Children’s Defense Fund and other key organization to support the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, expansions of Head Start, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.