Higher Education

Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Affordability * Access * Quality * Student Support * Innovative Programs *Research *

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has worked closely with the University of Houston, Texas Southern University and other institutions of higher learning throughout the 18th Congressional District to ensure that students have access to a higher education. Jackson Lee has consistently voted to provide student loan relief and to increase federal Pell Grants so that all families can afford to send their children to college. Jackson Lee has worked closely with Houston’s Community College system to ensure that innovative programs are brought to District 18.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee continues to believe that a higher education is the gateway to advanced opportunity. She has stood strong with minority-serving institutions as they serve critical student populations. Most recently, in H.R. 3293 Labor Education HHS Appropriations Bill, the Congresswoman worked to include funding that would be allocated to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominantly Black Institutions.

In the new economy, Americans will need the education and research that can be found at institutions of higher learning. Congresswoman Jackson Lee will continue to be an advocate for student access to an affordable, quality higher education.

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