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Congresswoman Jackson Lee stands for:
Opportunity * Equal Pay for Equal Work * The Right to Choose * Family Friendly Policies *

Congresswoman Jackson Lee believes that women deserve the same opportunity as men to obtain an education, pursue a career and earn a fair wage for a day’s work. As a working mother, the Congresswoman is very familiar with the challenges women face in balancing family with other obligations. Jackson Lee was an original co-sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment legislation because she is a strong advocate for equal opportunity and rights for women.

As a global citizen and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Congresswoman Jackson Lee is concerned about the treatment of women in countries around the world. In her travels to places such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, and Pakistan, Jackson Lee always seeks to learn about the status of women. Congresswoman Jackson Lee believes that America should lend its voice to the call of freedom and opportunity for women around the world.